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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Android?

Android is a Mobile Operating System based on a modified version of the Linux kernel bought and developed by Google to enter the ever-growing mobile market against the likes of Apple and Nokia.

Why should you learn Android app development?

Considering the fact every one nowadays has a device in their pocket, it opens an opportunity for people with technical skills to make something people could use and make a living out of it. So, why not learn android app development?

Is Android Operating System Open Source?

Yes, Android Operating System is, in fact, an open-source operating system led by google. The core Android source code is known as the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is primarily licensed under the Apache License. You can also check out Open Source Android Apps

Is it worth learning Android Development now?

Yes, considering the fact that everyone nowadays has a device in their pockets the importance of mobile apps has significantly improved!. Android is an Open source project backed by Google so there are fewer chances for android going out of trend. If you are worried about Fuchsia OS, then worry not it is also led by Google and your android apps will run there too!.
Even if something happens to android you will at the end be a Java or Kotlin expert whichever language you used!

Which language is best for Android development?

You can make android apps in most of the languages like C++, python and even HTML, CSS and Javascript using third party SDKs.
But the Official documentation and SDKs are provided for two languages:
1. Java
2. Kotlin

Is it possible to learn Android App Development for free?

Yes, it is. Every course/tutorial above is free so you can learn android with paying anything except your valuable time!